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Instrucciones de Servicio
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SI-01-1985 01.04.1985 UL-Propeller-Gear d02915.pdf
SI-01-1988 01.01.1988 Function test of rectifier regulator d02926.pdf
SI-01-1989 01.03.1989 Fan drive of engine Type 503 d02928.pdf
SI-02-1985 01.05.1985 Increase of ignition voltage on BOSCH contact ignition d02916.pdf
SI-02-1991 01.02.1991 Tightening torque increase on ´C´ gearboxes for UL-engines. d02934.pdf
SI-03-1989 01.06.1989 Matching a propeller to ROTAX UL-Engines. d02929.pdf
SI-03-1991 01.04.1991 Daily and Pre-Flight-Check - Maintenance plan for all ROTAX engines d02935.pdf
SI-04-1986 01.09.1986 Possible causes for piston seizures or holes in pistons d02918.pdf
SI-04-1987 01.05.1990 Ultralight engines-unexpected engine stops d02920.pdf
SI-04-1989 01.01.1989 Use of tool for cageless piston pin needle bearing d00761.pdf
SI-04-1994 01.02.1994 Carburetor icing on UL-engines d02954.pdf
SI-05-1988 01.04.1990 Gearbox fixation on UL-engines type 377 to 532 UL d02927.pdf
SI-05-1990 01.12.1990 Disturbance of tachometer 966 072 for 503 UL C.D.I. and 582 UL with DUCATI ignition unit d02932.pdf
SI-05-1991 01.12.1991 Piston for ROTAX UL engines (2-stroke) d02936.pdf
SI-05-1996 01.03.1997 Cracks in the carburetor socket, ROTAX 447 and 503 UL d02980.pdf
SI-06-1986 01.12.1986 UL-Reduction gear box d02919.pdf
SI-06-1987 01.07.1987 Engine-Instruments d02921.pdf
SI-06-1994 01.07.1994 Incorrect Model fuel pumps without bleed hole, ROTAX 2-cycle engines d02956.pdf
SI-06-1996 01.03.1997 Modifications on reduction gearbox ´C´ and ´E´ d02981.pdf
SI-06-1998 01.07.2001 Amendment on reduction gearbox type ´C´ and type ´E´ for 2-stroke UL aircraft engines d01413.pdf
SI-07-1987 01.04.1990 Fuel consumption, 2-stroke UL-Engine d02922.pdf
SI-07-1995 01.02.1999 New airfilter with securing tab d02977.pdf
SI-07-1998 12.10.1998 ´B´ type gearbox installation, ROTAX 503 UL DCDI (all versions) d00203.pdf
SI-08-1987 01.06.1990 Influence of ambient air temperature and barometric pressure on engine performance and carb calibration d02923.pdf
SI-08-1991 01.06.1991 Safety-check of the BING-carburetors used in all ROTAX UL-engines d02938.pdf
SI-08-1999 01.02.1999 CANCELLED - Documentations for 447 - 503 - 582 - 582 Mod. 99, superseded by SL-2ST-002, latest edition d03280.pdf
SI-09-1991 01.11.1991 Installation Instructions for ROTAX UL-engines d02939.pdf
SI-09-1994 01.01.2004 Installation Instruction of UL reduction gearbox type 'C' and 'CL' d03132.pdf
SI-09-1997 01.07.1997 Exchange of piston pins, ROTAX 503 UL d02991.pdf
SI-10-1987 01.11.1987 503 UL- FREE AIR Version d02924.pdf
SI-10-1994 01.01.2004 Installation Instruction of UL reduction gearbox type 'E' and 'EL' d03133.pdf
SI-10-1996 01.05.1997 Piston pin circlip installation (2-stroke UL-engines) d02985.pdf
SI-11-1987 01.11.1987 Exhaust systems for 377/447/462/503/532 d02925.pdf
SI-11-1991 01.12.1992 Propeller mass moment of inertia d02941.pdf
SI-11-1994 01.06.1994 Subsequent install. or retrofit of an oil-Pump for separate oil Lubrication d02959.pdf
SI-11-1996 01.01.1998 Engine preservation for 2-stroke- UL- engines d02986.pdf
SI-12-1994 01.01.2004 Installation Instruction of UL reduction gearbox Type 'B' d03131.pdf
SI-13-1994 01.07.1994 Using auto fuel in ROTAX two cycle aircraft engine d02960.pdf
SI-14-1994 01.07.1994 ROTAX two-cycle aircraft engines crankshaft failures, piston seizures d02961.pdf
SI-15-1994 01.11.1995 Rev. counter for DUCATI ignition unit d02962.pdf
SI-17-1994 01.06.1994 Weight, centre of gravity and moments of inertia of ROTAX UL-engines d02963.pdf
SI-17-1997 01.11.1997 Introduction of resistance spark plugs for Rotax 2-stroke engines d02997.pdf
SI-20-1997 01.11.1997 New flydat configuration for Rotax UL and aircraft engines d02999.pdf
SI-22-1994 01.12.1994 supply scope of ROTAX crankshafts d02967.pdf
SI-2ST-003 01.08.2001 Check of the fuel pressure gauge kit part no. 874 230 for ROTAX engine type 912 and 914 (Series) and 2-stroke UL aircraft engines d01519.pdf
SI-2ST-004 11.07.2006 Running modifications on ROTAX 2-stroke UL aircraft engines d02072.pdf
SI-2ST-006 22.12.2006 Airfilter for Rotax engine type 912 (Series) and 2-stroke UL aircraft engines d03878.pdf
SI-2ST-007 20.05.2008 Amendment on reduction gearbox type C and type E for ROTAX 2-stroke UL aircraft engines d04298.pdf
SI-2ST-008 08.04.2009 Selection of suitable operating fluids for ROTAX 2-stroke UL engines d04362.pdf
SI-2ST-011 20/02/2019 Modificaciones en los carburadores Bing


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