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Fuel Level Gauges
57mm Diameter
Max. 50 Liters

- The IM-595 can be connected to most of the resistive gauges.  
- Unlike other indicators reading is in liters and gallons instead of a percentage. 
- Many times, the float senders are linear, but the shape of the deposit is not rectangular. This is a big problem especially in tanks installed in the wings and that instead of being rectangular, having the shape of the wing.
- The instruments use a pointer thats turns 240º, witch gives them great resolution. 
- This instrument needs a power supply of 12V or 24V


In the photos we see a deposit in a seat of a gyrocopter and a wing. In both you can see at a glance that a classical resistive gauge did not show us the actual capacity of the tank.

To avoid these problems, the IM_590 incorporates a microprocessor with up to 10 memories. The first time it is used, the user must connect to a PC, and through a simple menu select the tank capacity in liters and the number of steps of memory you want to use. Then the program will tell you completely fill the tank and press a button.
Then depending on the number of steps you have selected, the user must remove an amount of fuel from tank and press a button to confirm each step. In the last step, the tank must be empty.

Technical data
Case Plastic
Weight 220g
Suitable for Resistive float sender.
Power Supply 10..30VDC
Power Current  0.1 Amp. Max.
Scale 0..15 Gallons
Subdivision scale 0.5 Gallons each
Max. Deviation 2%
Dimensions See sketch
Calibration Must be Calibrated by the user.
Wire Connections




Nivel Combustible 15 Gal. 57mm
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P.V.P = 75.00€ + IVA
Calibrador AVIASPORT
With this device you can calibrate the AVIASPORT fuel level gauge.
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P.V.P = 23.00€ + IVA

C/ Almazara 11
Tres Cantos (Madrid)
Tel. 91-803-77-11